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Hailey E Herrera Art Collections

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Artwork by Hailey E Herrera

Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Hailey E Herrera I am a multidisciplinary watermedia artist who works mainly in watercolor and watercolor batik. I love the watercolor medium for the layering, colors, and transparency which appeal to my sense of spontaneity. My watercolors are vibrant, bright, and rich with wonderful depth and tonal ranges. Living near a public park, I enjoy hiking and painting nature scenes, compelled to depict them. Time and season bring ever-changing nature scenes, forming fond memories. Whether I paint from photos or memories, I select interesting elements and combine them to create pieces that are personally meaningful. With my unique watercolor batik techniques, I capture nature scenes that reflect as their focal points depicting Texas landscapes, flora, and fauna. In 2019, I was selected as one of 30 Texas artists for the Art of Texas Park project and received official acknowledgment as Centennial Painters by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. For my watercolor batik paintings, I use a variety of Oriental papers: Korean Hanji, Japanese wash, and Thai Unryu, etc. I incorporate optical color mixing in my paintings so images are perceived as intended from a distance but results look colorful and playful upon closer examination. Vibrant colors laid over a soft wet-in-wet wash gives a taste of watercolor, while the colors and shapes created by many alternated layers of watercolor wash and wax give a look of impressionism with a wonderful depth. My subject matter is drawn mainly from nature and landscape, but I pursue a variety of other subjects and styles as well, especially, abstract. In my abstract paintings, I love working with free form lines or shapes. Unless I have a specific theme in my mind, I begin with some calligraphic lines without a preconceived idea or result. If I like a certain theme or color combination, I work in a pair or series, in effort to see which permutations or combinations bring a more pleasing result. In the process of interplaying lines and shapes spontaneously, an idea emerges and the painting reveals something new my intuition and emotion responds to. I have earned signature memberships in the top watercolor organizations in Texas. With abounding color and vibrant beauty, my arts have found a home in many private and public collections in places as far as UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Israel, Switzerland, and South Korea. I am not content with one style but want to evolve continually. I love to enrich my creativity and artistic vision through continued experimentation. I hope my creations bring you joy and an increased appreciation for the medium and the subjects of my paintings as much as they do for me. My designs and artwork have been installed by independent designers or designer companies located in Appleton, WI, USA Atlanta, GA, USA Austin, TX, USA Brooklyn, NY, USA Canton, MA, USA Cedar Rapids, IA, USA Chicago, IL, USA Clayton, MO, USA Columbus, NC, USA Corona Del Mar, CA, USA Dallas, TX, USA Deerfield Beach, FL, USA Denver, CO, USA Des Moines, IA, USA El Monte, CA, USA Fallbrook, CA, USA Glencoe, IL, USA Guilford, CT, USA Highland Park, IL, USA Hillsboro, WI, USA Houston, TX, USA Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada Lake Charles, LA, USA Littleton, CO, USA Longboat Key, FL, USA Louisville, KY, USA Manassas, VA, USA Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Mentor, OH, USA Metamora, IL, USA Muskego, WI, USA Naples, FL, USA Nashville, TN, USA New Stanton, PA, USA Newport Beach, CA, USA Nichols Hills, OK, USA Northbrook, IL, USA Oakland, CA, USA Oklahoma City, OK, USA Olivette, MO, USA Peoria, IL, USA Phoenix, MD, USA Piedmont, OK, USA Pittsburgh, PA, USA Pompano Beach, FL, USA Rowville, VIC, Australia Saint Louis, MO, USA Santa Barbara, CA, USA Santa Fe, NM, USA Santa Monica, CA, USA Scottsdale, AZ, USA Seoul, KyoungGi-Do, South Korea Spring, TX, USA St Louis Park, MN, USA Sugar Land, TX, USA The Dalles, OR, USA Wayland, MA, USA Westville, NJ, USA Official Website: Facebook Page: Hailey E. Herrera Watermedia Instagram hehwatermedia Instant Gift Cards Gift Certificates